Fun things I've done in my lifetime in any particular order:

Swam with sharks. (in my opinion nurse sharks can look just as intimidating from above.)
Climbed to the top of a Mayan ruin.
Shucked an oyster without jabbing the shucker tool into my hand.
Danced like Michael Jackson.
Gave my brother my bone marrow to survive cancer.
Graduated from 2 colleges.
Held my first artshow, after completing 20 paintings of my chihuahua ren.
Fallen in love 5, no 6, no 7 times.
Saw my design mentor, David Carson speak.
Braved many winters on PEI.
Learned to snowboard.
Solved the Rubiks cube in under 2 minutes. (hey I was a freaky little kid, what can I say.)
Kissed Dracula.
Played in a band.
Got pounded by Brazilian waves.
Taught my chihuahua how to beg at the table, by sitting pretty, and glossing his eyes.
Surrounded myself with wonderful friends.
Snorkeled off Temptation Island.
Sat in a hot spring in BC.
Won a gold medal in a National competition.
Dyed my hair blond.
Taught Graphic Design.
Ranked Nidan in Shotokan Karate.
Bought my first BMW.
Started my own business.
Shot a 22 pistol, a 22 rifle, a 9mm pistol and a 45 pistol.
Laughed contagiously when I knew it was out of place.
Wore a Brazilian Carnival costume.
Built my first house in PEI.
Drove on a freeway in California.

Fun things I have yet to do:

Visit Japan.
Star in an action movie with Jackie Chan.
Publish my novel.
Speak at conventions.
Build my own house in PEI.
Go snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies.
Learn to weld.
Make a ninja movie.
Brush my teeth with my left hand.
Sail around Malta.
Chew with my mouth closed.
Learn when it isn't nice to laugh.
Adopt chihuahuas.
Learn to cook...umm well.
Meet Owen Wilson.
Marry my true love.
Have a sweet little awesome kid.
Get a life away from my computer.
Cycle in Europe...