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4/30/2003 12:40:00 PM

I'm loving my new apartment. It's like moving home. Since I've lived there previously in 1997, with two roomates. Moving back, everything is falling into place. Like for example, I know where all of the light switches are, and how loud you can be before you disturb someone in an adjacent room.

Alone with my thoughts the other day, I began to make sense of something that was puzzling me. I thought in terms of coming full circle. There are patterns with everything, a cycle if you will, of life that just keeps repeating itself. At first I believed that I was taking a step backwards, returning to a place of existence in a prior period. Now I believe, that there was something I was meant to do after I lived in that place, that I didn't do the first time. Returning until whatever it was presents itself, so I can do whatever I was intended to do.

This could all be crap though, not really anything to it at all. Why do I spend time trying to make sense of things like this then? Maybe I should just enjoy this present time and not think about repeats and future events.

But now I wonder what it was? What was the thing I was supposed to do. It's not like checking off your "to do" list, I guess I'll have to wait and see what's in store. Stay tuned.

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