sketch gave me a stitch
7/23/2004 12:30:00 PM

I'll probably get in trouble for saying this. Hee hee. Working where I do, I've seen a few "theatre" performances this year. The best show I've seen all year, yes I can honestly say the best (please take into account I didn't go see Anne yet this year) was Sketch 22 at the Arts Guild last night. I do know the entire troup it's true, but I'm not being biased. Their skits had me in stitches.

From Matt Rainey's interpretive dancing boy from Tignish, to Josh's take of his own Dad, doing croMagnon "Them Times", to Grahams Eminem performance of "I'm the real Anne Shirley". (In which at one point I actually stood up...won't the real Anne Shirley please stand up, please stand up!) The videos between stage skits added so much to the show, and were very well done.

I don't usually review anything here, but hats off to the Sketch troop for making me laugh, and portraying what it's really like living in Prince Edward Island...or for the youngins' "Edward Island formerly known as Prince."

Bravo! I recommend going to see this show if you haven't already.

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