the stand that nearly ruined xmas
12/16/2004 11:51:00 PM

Last night we picked out our Christmas tree. Nicky borrowed his dad's truck and Rean, Nicky, Julia and I went crusing the avenue in search of the perfect tree.

The first tree the guys picked was over 13 feet. I shunned at that pick. Good thing Julia was there...another girl on the side of reason. Our living room has high ceilings but that's just being excessive. We found a nice little 10 foot tree.

Getting this tree free standing was a challenge. Gee, it seemed so easy last year. This tree was clearly too big for the plastic stand, but that didn't hinder our efforts. It started leaning, forcing a bolt to rip through the plastic.

That's when my engineering skills went into overdrive. "Guys we could drill 3 new holes into the plastic, then the stand will be like new again." Off Rean went to get a drill.

Awhile later, he arrived back at the house with the drill but no drill bits. "Well there is this bit but it's too small." "Give it a shot anyway." Rean began to drill into the plastic, while Nicky forced the bolt through. I think we saved Christmas.

The second attempt to upright the tree into the lightweight plastic stand, ended in disaster. Rean, walked off frustrated towards the sunroom. He could be heard saying "that stand is going to ruin Christmas!"

Just as I was getting ready to go to karate, Rean stormed out of the sunroom saying "Nicky and I are going to Canadian Tire right now to get another tree stand, you have to come with us!" I laughed at all this urgency. "Well dudes I can't, I have to go to karate. I need the stress release 3 times a week to deal with you two."

When I arrived home, the new stand was doing it's job, and Christmas, at least on Richmond Street, was saved.

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