the art of working
7/22/2005 8:48:00 AM

Today is a monumental day. I've been leading up to this for the past year or so. Where I'm going to: full time employment as business owner vs. where I'm coming from: employee/technician.

Other than not belonging to an organization, outside of the one I create that is, there isn't much difference. I will still be working on the same type of web development. But taking time for my life in between, to keep writing and experiencing.

There is a difference though. I feel in control of the direction I'm going in now, vs. sticking along for the ride. My creative side is saying "Weeeeeeeeeee, it's about time you paid attention to me."

To relate to a quote from one of my mentors Bruce Lee "the art of fighting without fighting", could be translated to "the art of working without working". Getting back to the idea that doing work that you are best suited to is not really work. It's play.

It's what you do. Wednesday I put a quote on the fridge that said He makes a living doing what he does. Maybe when I was just intending to be funny, I may have stumbled upon a life truth.

Whoa. Shit. Am I ever on the ole enlightened train or wha!!

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