coffee with the PM
12/6/2005 10:28:00 AM

Since my new roommate Dave, works at Timothy's he has the INs on all the coffee drinking related activities in this town.

Whoa that sounds so undercover.

How else would I know that the Prime Minister is coming to Charlottetown today, and he will be met at the airport with coffee. I asked Dave to find out how he takes his coffee. Dave guessed that he takes it black, but I'm betting he's a "double double" kind of guy.

Except where he's from they don't call it double double.

Hold on here for a moment while I go into an "Islander" rant of - yeah I heard that so it must be true. Tash told me the other day that in Toronto she ordered a double double once and they looked at her like she was green. I didn't bother to ask if she was at a Tim Horton's or Starbucks. We all know that Starbucks has their own vente half calf way of ordering.

Most islanders don't know this foreign language. I see it all the time at Starbucks here in town. "Could I have a coffee?" "What size would you like sir?" "Umm, (pause here while looking up puzzled at the board) medium." "A Venti, sure thing sir, would you like our Columbian or Breakfast Blend today?" "Hmmm, (still puzzled) Columbian."

I'm working from home this morning with my own coffee brewed fresh, wondering if the PM takes his coffee black. Renny is sitting here wondering the same thing. Or maybe it's cheese that he's thinking of.

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