come play on my stinkin beach
5/31/2006 10:21:00 AM

Yesterday evening I went to the beach. Renny always gets excited to run thru the sand smelling everything. Years ago, I took 3 dogs to the beach..Dante and Chewbaka (German Sheppards) and Ren. (Chihuahua). It was this time of year, pre-tourist-season, so the beaches were quiet and clear. All but some dead seals that have washed ashore. Yes Paul, saddly they are still shooting seals offshore in the winters here.

The 3 dogs were running all over the place having a great time. The sheppards loved ren, and always looked out for him, so I wasn't the nervous mom keeping him on a leash.

That was the day, I'll never forget, that the 3 dogs rolled in a dead seal. Oh they loved the rotting seal oil stink, it was doggy musk heaven. I had to take the 3 stinking dogs back to my parents house and wash em with the hose, gaspin for fresh air while driving. All but ren, he had to get in the bath tub cause the water from the hose was too cold for him.

Yesterday we found a dead seal, but my parenting instincts were sharp and I leashed him up until we were all clear of the scent and the seal. Renny had a really good time.

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