the dramatic theatres
6/2/2002 1:20:00 PM

hmmm...june already. I'm starting to see signs of summer. Walking ren yesterday, I realized that Charlottetown is quite a busy (little) hub of entertainment in the summer. Summer brings all of the out-of-towners with their unique foreign skills that absolutely no Islanders could posess. Like the theatre for example, there's festivals of theatre featuring all of these wonderful talented imports. I guess pure talent always comes from Toronto. It would seem that way after meeting a bunch of them at the Centre on Friday.

From this point on I'll refer to all of these talented sorts as "theatres". [A much nicer way to say drama princess, and it includes all of the other non-stage participants.] I think a couple of theatres moved into the apartment above Vee and I. Ah christ, a big SUV with Ontario, (but I know it's Toronto) plates is parked in my parking spot. Probably because the monster car/truck couldn't fit in it's assigned space between Apt. 2 & 4. Little Pinkie can park just about anywhere. But the whole thing makes me upset. I don't know why? Perhaps having lived here for almost a year makes one attached to their parking space. That is a disturbing fact. Perhaps it's the fear of coming home to find all available spots filled by new tenants and their SUV driving friends.

....the horror.

That was my little kick at the acting can.

We rented Harry Potter last night. I liked it but I wondered why the part when he drinks the potion and walks through the fire, was left out. Maybe they didn't want an outbreak of kids drinking poison in real life pretending to be Harry. That's smart to leave out in that case.

Vee and I are so competitive. Why else would I make a point of mentioning that I beat him at 18 holes of golf yesterday. That's the second time this year. tee hee.

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