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12/15/2006 2:26:00 PM
My life has been in boxes since August this year. I'm on the home stretch now, as the movers arrive this evening with my stuff. It will be a hectic weekend as Ang moves out and I move in. I'm excited, but I watched Click last night, and kinda thought it would be nice, to just fast forward the unpacking, painting and setting up of my new room.

I have plans to paint the walls of my room white, with one fushia wall. The fushia wall will be the backdrop for all of my ren paintings.

Shit, I forgot to order a rug today. I ordered my new bed from IKEA, so I hope to be sleeping in my new space soon. There's always the day bed in the basement during the transition.

I'm excited to have 2 roomates again. Nicky and Rean were the last 2 roomates I had when it felt like a home. I base this on if you have a xmas tree or not. That's my system for "feels-like-home" calculation.

Oh the massive xmas tree on Richmond. Merry xmas Nicky...you are the last one still living there. An era almost over.

Now on to new roomies. Moe and Darren are the bitchinest roomies one could ask for. Refined taste, wicked sense of humour and the right amount of snootiness! Oh we are going to have so much fun!

I'm working tons which makes this period even more fun, as I don't really have time to stress about the details.

I just remembered my snowboard arrives today with my stuff!! I can't wait to go snowboarding here over xmas. I'm also looking forward to seeing my barcelona chair again.

It's funny my digital life is mirroring my real one. It takes time to get my new laptop set up with my work environment, so I'm still using my Toshiba for work.

Also, Freck lost his mind yesterday and bought me a new clip on shuffle. He surprised me last night with it. He said he saw me checking out his with that gleam in my eye. I was just noting that they fixed my biggest bug with the last version. You had to pause in between turning it on and pressing play. That used to confuse the hell out of me. I remember peej explaining to me to wait for the light to go out, before I tried to press play again.

Well the new one has that solved as there's a separate on/off switch, and separate shuffle switch, so you can turn it on and press play immediately.

I haven't loaded it up with music, so mirroring the rest of my digital life, I'm still using the old one.

Soon...out with the old, in with the new. I bet I i get everything set up in time with the new year. I'm crazy like that.
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