got bite?
6/23/2007 5:18:00 PM
It's nice to have my cousin Sawa in Toronta. She just got back from a week in Cuba. Her legs are covered in mosquito bites.

Me: "Did you eat any bananas? Cause mosquitos love bananas."
Sawa: "No, they just love Mom's blood. It's Mom's blood, we've always been bitten."
Me: "Your Mom's blood?"...(confused)
Sawa: "Yeah our pheromones."
Me: "Did you get yer malaria shot? You could have malaria."
Sawa: "No, I had dengue fever before...the last time I went to Barbados. It can live dormant in your body for years."
Me: "Oh yeah you don't get a shot for malaria, I didn't take the malaria pills when I went to Belize. Looks like you have a freakin rash. I've never seen so many bites before."
Sawa: "I know believe me it was much worse a couple of days ago. Does it look bad? Do you notice it?"
Me: "Yep, looks like you have a bad rash."
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